Trial and error with Mifeprex and Misoprostol

Published on: Author: MS
Order placed:11/14/2012
Order received:11/27/2012
Shipping time:13 days

Weeks 5 – 6 since LMP (Last menstrual period)
First I unsuccessfully attempted herbal abortion using neem suppositories and cotton root bark tincture. After this failed I ordered 1x 200mg pill of Mifiprex from using my visa.

Week 10 LMP
Due to inclement weather, the Mifeprex took one month to arrive. I emailed customer service and they sent me the tracking number. The package was delayed in US customs sorting facility for a while, which had me worried, but it finally arrived in a small, unlabeled, padded envelope, with a postage stamp from Singapore. The pill inside was in a foil blister pack. I took this orally and started to bleed after about 24 hours. I felt a little dizzy and nauseous, but was able to go to work. However the bleeding slowed and stopped by 48 hours after I’d taken it. A failed attempt. After googling some studies I placed an additional order with them for 20 200mg pills of Misoprostol instead.

Week 13 LMP
The Misoprostol took 2 weeks to arrive. I contacted again for the tracking number, which they sent. When it arrived, I began by inserting 2x 200mg pills vaginally before going to bed. Within a couple hours I felt so pressure in my lower back, like my period, and I began to bleed. This continued into the next day but subsided. The following night I inserted 3x 200mg pills vaginally with similar results – bleeding but no tissue expulsion – in addition to some chills through my body. So the night after that I inserted 4x 200mg pills vaginally, which caused the same period-like cramping and chills. The next morning after this I felt some intense cramps, similar to labor contractions pushing open the cervix. My water broke, I quickly got on the toilet, and out came everything – blood, lining, placenta, and a fetus about 4-5 cm long. I fished out the fetus and placenta to examine. I didn’t like the idea of discarding it, so I gave it a little burial.

Everything turned out ok, my periods normalized, and I’m in great overall health. In retrospect, I should have followed up with an ob-gyn appointment to make sure everything was ok down there. I didn’t for fear of getting in trouble if what I did was figured out. Since then I’ve met some cool, forward-thinking midwives; if I had to go through this all over again, I would probably seek out a midwife to give me a papsmear rather than risk going to a hospital or even planned parenthood.