Misoprostol from alldaychemist (India)

Published on: Author: HR
Order placed:03/23/2016
Order received:04/05/2016
Shipping time:13 days

I placed an order for a 32 pack of Misoprostol 200 mcg on March 23. I added just enough funds to a prepaid Visa (and made sure I got one that is approved for international transactions- many aren’t.) They charged the card on Mar 25th. It posted on the 29th. And they shipped it on the 31st with tracking.

I also gave them an old, inactive phone number. Right after I placed the order, they emailed me to say they couldn’t contact me via phone. I emailed them to ask what they needed. They emailed back to say they would process the order and they did. A lot of other reviewers complain that they spam call you to try to get you to re-order more of their products. So, definitely give them an inactive number.

32 tablets for $22.70 + $25 shipping. They provide a number and email address for you to send your prescription through, but they processed my order without one. It made it to the US on Apr 3 (less than 2 weeks after order). It passed customs 2 days later and I got it on the 5th (had to sign for it). They declared the package (small cardboard box) as “personal supply medication.” Everything was sealed in the manufacturer’s package with a May 2017 expiration date.

I had to wait until Apr 9 (7weeks, 2days LMP) to take the pills. Four under the tongue at 7 pm (bleeding started shortly after), 4 more at 10pm, 4 more at 1am. Started bleeding big clots at 11pm. Had diarrhea that got worse with each dose. In fact, it was the worst diarrhea of my life. Towards the end, it was like having the dry heaves of crapping. Had pretty bad chills. The cramps weren’t too terrible. Had a sore mouth from holding the pills in there. The only recognizable product of conception was a chorionic villi-covered sac. So 4 days later I took 4 more pills and passed the placenta.

I wouldn’t give them a full 5-star rating because of the spam calls. Many reviewers also complain that alldaychemist had a credit breech a couple years ago (I can say that they haven’t tried to charge my visa again in the 2 months following my order, so this may no longer be a problem for them). Also, stamping “medication” on a package from India probably makes it more likely to get confiscated in customs. But their prices are wonderful and their products are legit.