MTP kit from zeepharmacy

Published on: Author: HR
Order placed:10/15/2015
Order received:10/19/2015
Shipping time:4 days

I ordered the MTP kit (1 tablet is of Mifepristone and 4 tablets of Misoprostol) from with a prepaid visa gift card on Thurs 15 Oct. They shipped it the next day, gave me a tracking number, and I got it Mon 19 Oct. Shipped from the US to the US, so it was very quick.

I took the Mifepristone that night (at 7weeks, 5days LMP). No noticeable side effects besides the lessening of pregnancy symptoms over the next few days (breasts were less sore and heavy).

I took the 4 Misoprostol sublingually 24 hours later. They dissolved after 25 minutes. Cramps came soon after and were so bad I vomited. Didn’t have to worry about vomiting up the pills since they were absorbed sublingually, thankfully. I had taken 600mg of ibuprofen a half hour before the misoprostol, but the cramps were still painful. I started bleeding and I passed a bunch of clots and the amniotic sac. The misoprostol also gave me really bad chills. Under 3 blankets-in a sweater-with a heating pad-and still shivering-with chattering teeth-and painfully hardened nipples-chills. Two days later, I woke up with contraction-type cramps and passed the placenta. In all, I bled for 20 days with a couple periods of spotting between.